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MyPSA is the abbreviation for the Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association. It is a national level organization which reconsolidate various local pharmacy students’ society under one organization. Being a student-oriented, non-political association, MyPSA are concerned entirely with pharmacy education and pharmacy profession, directly and indirectly. Together, we are bound by this motto: “UNITED TOWARDS PHARMACEUTICAL EXCELLENCE”

New MyPSA Society Member

Introducing our newest addition to the MyPSA pharmily, let’s welcome Quest International University Perak (QIUP)!? It is our great pleasure to have QIUP on board with MyPSA. We are happy to have one more local pharmacy society to join MyPSA, and we hope there will be more local pharmacy societies to join MyPSA in the […]

Election Results – MyPSA Annual...

6 The results for the previous AGM held on 15th to 16th September 2018 are as below: I. President: Open II. Vice President 1: Open III. Vice President 2: Desmond Yeoh Tze Wei (IMU) IV. Secretary General: Jane Lee Jia Jing (IMU) V. Secretary 2: Ng Chia Huey (UCSI) VI. Treasurer: Goh Yen Joe (UCSI) […]

MyPSA Annual General Meeting 2018

MyPSA Annual General Meeting 2018

IT’S TIME for a new team to step up! In this meeting, all pharmacy university representatives from different regions of the country will gather to decide the fate of the association by selecting the Executive Committee that will form the core of MyPSA. As such, we would like to welcome anyone who would be interested in […]

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