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New Events

MyPSA Extraordinary General Meeting 2011

Continued from home page The meeting was held from 9 to 5pm and had seen new motions as well as new plans being passed that is sure to elevate the status of MyPSA in years to come. But the main agenda was the selection of new office bearers and the discussion went on smoothly. Among the candidates were from UCSI, USM, UKM, IIUM, AIMST, UM …


3rd National Pharmacy Quiz 2011

The National Pharmacy Quiz (Rx Quiz) is an intellectual competition between undergraduates from schools of pharmacy in Malaysia. This event provides a platform for pharmacy students from all over the country to meet and compete healthily on knowledge and intellect. It is hoped that this program will elevate the par of quality and competency amongst pharmacists-to-be, and will contribute to the better development of pharmacy …


New MyPSA 2011-2012 Exco Lineup

The time has come for the selection of new MyPSA excos. The 2010-2011 tenure had bear witness to many changes in MyPSA and and the excos had  worked their best to ensure the viability of MyPSA as the national body representing pharmacy students nationwide. Thus on Saturday on 1st October 2011 in UKM, a Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was held where promising candidates from varying …