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World Antibiotic Awareness Week

  This year, on 16 until 22 November 2015 is announced as the World Antibiotic Awareness Week. With the theme ‘Antibiotics, Handle with care’, this campaign aims to raise awareness on the proper use of antibiotic. As many had already known, the major problem pertaining the antibiotics is the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains such as Pseudomonas. This resistance had been associated closely with the improper …


World Diabetes Day 2015

    Did you know that 14th November every year, the whole world celebrated the World Diabetes Day. The World Diabetes Day aims to reduce the number of people having diabetes, as it is one of the largest leading cause of death.  A total of 415 millions of the earth inhabitants have diabetes and it really is an amount that we should all be worried …



Annually, November takes up a new name that is Movember, which also symbolizes ‘No Shave November’. Movember is done every year in acquiring the purpose of elevating the awareness for the 4 biggest issue faced by man that are Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Poor Mental Health and Physical Inactivity. MyPSA members are encouraged to support this awareness campaign by wearing a fake moustache or revealing their own …