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2nd National Clinical Pharmacy Challenge 2016

The 2nd National Clinical Pharmacy Challenge 2016 will commence in only 2 weeks time. Get your minds and knowledge ready and prepare fore the clash of ideas, only in NCPC UKM 2016. The 2nd NCPC 2016 will be conducted in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, UKM on 2nd till 24th April 2016. Like the official facebook page via this link below: Official NCPC Facebook Page


Pharmabet ‘E’

Today’s herb is featuring the letter E for Eclipta Alba. Eclipta Alba is a potent antihepatotoxic. It has been used traditionally as liver tonic in Ayuverda. Pictures of Eclipta Alba/ False Daisy 


Youth Entrepreneurship Program 2016

Youth Entrepreneurship Program has about to come again. Missed the previous YEP? Make sure to catch this event when it is open. Handled by the Entrepreneurship Officer of MyPSA, YEP is a program to train and inspire to become entrepreneur in the future. For this year, YEP will be handled by Mr Bryan, Seah Chung Yi, Entrepreneurship Officer of MyPSA 2015/2016. If there is any …