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Salam Nuzul Quran

In the month of Ramadhan, fasting month of muslims, the Al-Quran was also brought down for guidance. On 22th June this year, the muslims celebrate the Nuzul Quran (the day the Quran was brought down). “Sesungguhnya Al-Quran ini memberi petunjuk kepada (jalan) yang paling lurus dan memberi khabar gembira kepada orang mukmin yang mengerjakan amal soleh bagi mereka (disediakan) pahala yang besar” [Surah Al: Isra:9] …


3rd MyPSA General Meeting 2016

The 3rd Generaal Meeting was held last Saturday, 18th June 2016, at Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Building, Puchong. The motions and agendas that were discussed during the General Meeting are as follows: Welcoming Speech and Introduction by MyPSA President. Motion 1: Appointment of Chairperson Motion 2: Updates on Young Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) 2016 Motion 3: Updates on NoGAPS 2016 Motion 4: Updates on National Pharmacy Debate …


World Blood Donor Day 2016

Have you ever wondered of being a hero? Have you ever tried saving one’s life? There is an easy way to become a hero and save one’s life, that is to donor your blood. Donate your blood to save those in need. 14th June every year is dedicated for the World Blood Donor Day. Be a hero today by donating your blood. -Not all heroes …