The 3rd Generaal Meeting was held last Saturday, 18th June 2016, at Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Building, Puchong. The motions and agendas that were discussed during the General Meeting are as follows:

Welcoming Speech and Introduction by MyPSA President.
Motion 1: Appointment of Chairperson
Motion 2: Updates on Young Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) 2016
Motion 3: Updates on NoGAPS 2016
Motion 4: Updates on National Pharmacy Debate Competition 2016
Motion 5: Updates on Pharmacy Graduate Forum 2016
Motion 6: Updates on Career Fair 2016
Motion 7: Updates on PharmaLink 2016

Lunch Break (scheduled at 1pm)

Motion 8: Update on National Pharmacy Sports Carnival 2017
Motion 9: Update on Public Health Competition rules and regulation
Motion 10: Update on Pharmacy Awareness Video 2016
Motion 11: Update on RUUF and PRP

The latest information and updates of the motions described above can be obtained from the contact persons of respective universities.

The meeting had ended at approximately 3.00 pm.