MyPSA is the abbreviation for the Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association. It is a national level organization which reconsolidate various local pharmacy students’ society under one organization. Being a student-oriented, non-political association, we are concerned entirely with pharmacy education and pharmacy profession, directly and indirectly. A variety of programs and conferences have been planned and implemented in order to strengthen the pharmacy education, pharmacy profession in Malaysia, and not forgetting the relationship between Pharmacy students in Malaysia. Therefore, MyPSA acts as an agent to strengthen the Students’ Chapter component and indirectly it is hoped that MyPSA can contribute to the success of the Malaysia Pharmaceutical Society (MPS).



“MyPSA” is the abbreviation for Malaysian Pharmacy Students Association

The “mortar and pestle” symbol represents the field of pharmacy

The “red spot” symbolizes our mission and goals are the center of attention

The colors “red, blue, yellow and white” is an embodiment of our love towards Malaysia.