IPSF Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium or better known as IPSF APPS , the annual event organized by IPSF is back!  Bringing together over 400 pharmacy students in a global platform throughout the Asia Pacific region, we now open our doors to you to participate in this experience of a lifetime.

Each year, a different country is chosen as the host for this international event, and we are proud to introduce to you this year’s host country, the beautiful and diverse land, Malaysia.

Hold on to your seatbelts as we bring you on a journey of discovery of trust, teamwork and technology in pharmacy through symposiums and workshops presented by well-versed experts in their respective fields. Share and exchange ideas on current situations and latest findings in the pharmaceutical world.

Not to forget, Patient Counselling Event and Clinical Skills Event are organized to polish and hone pharmacy students’ skills in preparation for their practice in the healthcare workforce. A Poster presentation will be held to encourage students to think out of the box and widen their horizons in the field of research.

Take part in a specially organized Public Health Awareness Campaign to help create public awareness on public health and the roles of a pharmacist in relation to their benefit. Besides, build bridges and forge friendships with comrades from different countries at various social events and nights. Indulge in the beauty of Malaysia’s unique culture with hands on cultural workshops and explore the hub Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur though a heart pumping pharmazing race!

But wait, there’s more! Join the Leaders in Training program to get a chance to gather useful knowledge and skills in leadership for the enhancement and development of society. There will also be a Post Symposium Tour to explore Malaysia, a well-known country for its multiracial community, magnificent culture and rich heritage.

Click here to download IPSF APPS 2014 schedule.


What is PST of IPSF APPS 2014 Malaysia?

Post symposium Tour (PST) is a tour after the International Pharmaceutical Student Federation Asia Pacific Pharmacy Symposium 2014 Malaysia (IPSF APPS 2014 Malaysia). The main objective is to get the participants to indulge themselves with the uniqueness of the host country, by giving them the opportunity to travel to interesting places with fellow friends from IPSF APPS 2014 Malaysia. Though being a part of the programme, it is a separate tour which only a limited number of participants are able to join. This year, PST Malaysia will bring the participants to see and feel the essence of Malaysia. In conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism which has launch 2014 as a year to visit Malaysia, Malaysia has a lot to offer you throughout the year. So, basically this is the best time to visit Malaysia. The main spotlight for this tour is basically Terengganu and Penang. Both of these places have their own specialty packed with their own wonder that will mesmerize you once you step in. Penang will unveil you with the city-like life and lots of food, while Terengganu offer you more on natural beauty of the island. It is up to you to choose and experience the joyful moments that just in Malaysia. Malaysia is Truly Asia!

Grab the chance to experience the uniqueness of Malaysia and for more details, kindly visit  pstappsmalaysia2014.blogspot.com






The IPSF Leaders-in-Training (LIT) programme held just prior to the IPSF Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) every year. This programme aims to train pharmacy students who are interested in taking up leadership roles in their local, national or IPSF level to become better leaders and ensure there is a certain standard of leadership amongst new leaders every year.

! Personal Development
! Communication
! Project Management
! Succession Planning and Group Dynamics
! Successful Training

In 2014, LIT will be held in Taylor’s University, Malaysia. This lakeside campus is located in the city of Subang Jaya. It has modern facilities and has hosted numerous international events and programmes. We are looking forward to hosting you, student-leaders, here in Taylor’s University!