On 16th to 22nd of November, the world had specifically labelled as the World Antibiotic Week. Each and every individual should notice that the progression of the resistance of bacteria towards the conventional antibiotics existed now is shockingly fast.

In the effort of promoting the antibiotic awareness to public, Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA) had organized a four-frame comic competition in conjunction with FAPA 2015 Antibiotics Awareness Campaign with the Theme: Antibiotics: Handle with Care.

With the spreading of the news of this competition, MyPSA had taken this opportunity to encourage the pharmacy students around Malaysian Peninsula to join this competition. Abundant of entries were sent from the students and all the entries sent are displayed below.

Congratulations to Mr Tan Jit Kent from UCSI winning the 2nd place in the FAPA AMR Four-frame Comic Competition with a total of 1058 likes.


Made by Tan Jit Kent from UCSI





Made by Haida Fatima binti Mohamed Jais from CUCMS





Made by Chong Chui Yi from UM





Made by Yee Teck Fah, Lincoln University College






Made by Muhammad Bahrain bin Adom and Muhammad Farhan bin Baharuddin from IIUM




Made by  Rakinah Rais and Liyana Hasnol from CUCMS




Made by Luqman Zuhair from UniKL





Made by  Lau Sook Mei from USM





Made by Muhammad Hafiz bin Adenan and Muhammad Fathiy bin Mohd Mutalabisin from IIUM




Made by Luqmanul Hakim from IIUM




Made by Liew Wei Song from AMU




All of these comics are splendid. Yet, did the comics alone change the situation. No! YOU change the situation. It is your action that matters. It is how you handle the antibiotics, is what matters. Be the one who will save the world.

On 11th December 2015, the world had been shocked by the emergence of a new strain of E-Coli which is resistant to all antibiotics known to man. It was found in China. The scientist had now expected that that ‘day’ would come more sooner than had been predicted. A ‘day’ when a medical practitioner would have nothing to say except ‘I’m sorry. I cannot cure you’

We must aware that we are now in a fight. A fight that we, ourselves could see that we are losing. Therefore, stop losing. Stand up and do what is right. There is still chance for us to win this fight.

*Special thanks to Mr Weng Kit Huin (UM), Educational Officer of MyPSA for his effort in handling such this enormous and prestigious event by FAPA.