The results for the previous AGM held on 15th to 16th September 2018 are as below:

I. President: Open
II. Vice President 1: Open
III. Vice President 2: Desmond Yeoh Tze Wei (IMU)
IV. Secretary General: Jane Lee Jia Jing (IMU)
V. Secretary 2: Ng Chia Huey (UCSI)
VI. Treasurer: Goh Yen Joe (UCSI)
VII. Project Officer: Open
VIII. Professional Development Officer: Heng Xi Wen (CUCMS)
IX. Education Officer: Nurul Hayat binti Mohd Fauzi (IIUM)
X. Public Health Officer: Fathin Nadhirah bt Mohamed Shukri (IMU)
XI. Publication Officer: Jong Pei Joo (AMU)
XII. Multimedia Officer: Rabiatul Adawiyah binti Rahzali (SEGi)
XIII. Student Exchange Officer: Nadhirah Zahran bt Bee Wan (MSU)
XIV. Entrepreneurship Officer: Lim Chun Kiat (UCSI)
XV. Networking Officer: Open
XVI. Advocacy Officer: Wendy Yung She Min (IMU)

Congratulations for the newly elected officers! So the question now is, who will take on the remaining 4 empty posts? We shall see them in the upcoming EGM! See you there soon!