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MyPSA Photo Contest on World Pharmacist Day 2016

On 25th September every year, the whole world will celebrate the World Pharmacist Day. This special day is to appreciate the contribution that pharmacists in the whole wide world had poured in the betterment of the healthcare system. In conjunction to this day of celebration, MyPSA had organized a photo contest. In this photo contest, the pharmacy students from all over Malaysia snap their most memorable pictures and sent it to MyPSA. The photo will be publicized in the MyPSA Facebook Page. The photos will then be evaluated by judges and be allowed to share and like. Based on the number of likes and judges evaluation, three winners will be selected. The winners for the MyPSA Photo Contest 2016 are as follows:


Winner of MyPSA Photo Contest 2016

Description: “Pharmacists. A noble healthcare profession working humbly serving and caring for the needy since the olden days. From interacting with patients to medicine compounding, we always giving the best and pouring heart to ensure the best service for our clients. OLD BUT GOLD.”


1st Runner Up of MyPSA Photo Contest 2016

Description: “We care, we love and we are professional. We are ready to extend our hands to those who need it. Your health is our priority. Live healthy, live happily and live longer. We care for you, join us on 25 September 2016, in the global celebration of World Pharmacists Day.”


2nd Runner up of MyPSA Photo Contest 2016

Description: “Medication is not something to be shy or embarrassed of, discuss with your pharmacist. We can be your friends, we care about you.”

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