Happy Thaipusam

MyPSA would like to wish a Happy Thaipusam to all of the Hindus in Malaysia. ‘May this festival brings joy to all. Wishing you and your family and a warm and happy Thaipusam” – Yeoh Yee Teng, Advocacy Officer  –  


Malaysia Summer SEP

The summer student exchange program (SEP) will start soon (13/7). Pharmacy students from different countries will visit and stay in Malaysia for awhile. Let us all show our courtesy and hospitality. The participants consists of pharmacy students from these following countries: United Kingdom France India Iraq USA Slovenia Hungary Poland Croatia Indonesia Egypt May the participants enjoy their stay in Malaysia. #ExSEPlore For more information …

New Events

World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2017

[World Multiple Sclerosis Day] What is multiple sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disabling central nervous system disease involving the brain and spinal cord. It disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and the body. The body’s immune system attacks the protective sheath, myelin which covers the nerve fibers and as a result, these damaged myelin will interrupt the transmission …