2nd NCPC 2016


(2nd MyPSA National Clincal Pharmacy Challenge) On 22nd -24th April 2016, the organizing committee from Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Farmasi (PMFFar), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (UKM KL) had organized the 2nd MyPSA NCPC 2016. The NCPC was done to test the clinical pharmacy skills and knowledge of pharmacy students. The event was participated by a total of 16 teams coming from 12 universities.


22th April 2016 (Friday):

On the first day of the event, the participants were warmly welcomed to the Faculty of Pharmacy of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (UKM KL) by the hardworking organizing committee. Each participants were registered right after the had arrived at the faculty.


Registration process of the participants of NCPC 2016

At night, the all of the participants were gathered in a hall and the ice breaking session was started. The participants were introduced to all of the committees and the participants also got the chance to mingle and know each other.


Ice breaking session

The purpose of this national event was not only to compete with each other but also to interact, know each other and build the bond between the pharmacy students from various universities around Malaysia.

23th April 2016 (Saturday):

On the next day, after the participants were feasted with a delicious breakfast, the participants were directed to the examination hall for the written examination session. Right before the examination was started, the participants were briefed about the mechanism of the examination and also the marking scheme of the examination. After the briefing was done, the preliminary round of the NCPC 2016, the written test, was done.

13043756_609388755885450_1076300429210199250_n  Preliminary round of 2nd NCPC 2016

After the participants had finished the preliminary round, they directed to the cafeteria to have their lunch. At the same time, the organizing committee calculated the marks for each of the participants from each team. the total marks from each participants will be summed up and the totaled up marks will determine which teams will proceed to the semi final round, OSPHE session. The top 8 teams will be able to proceed to the next round.

The result of the preliminary round is as follows:


Result of Preliminary Round

The teams that are able to proceed to the semi final round are IMU 1, Taylor’s, IMU 2, SEGi, UCSI, CUCMS 1, USM 2 and USM 1.

Soon after the result was released, the 8 teams that are able to proceed to the semi final round, OSPHE session, was directed to the laboratory. In the laboratory, the OSPHE session was conducted.


Semi Final Round, OSPHE session of 2nd NCPC 2016

The day was filled with competitiveness and nervousness, while the night was filled with fun and excitement. All of the participants including the committees enjoy a wonderful night with a delicious food and wonderful games. Adversaries in the day but friends at night. During the night, the participants have the chance to meet, interact and chat more among each other.

24th April 2016 (Sunday):

That morning was a tense morning for all of the participants, as the result of the semi final round will be out and only 4 teams out of the 8 teams that compete in the semi final round could proceed to the final round 1.

The result of the Semi Final Round, OSPHE session is as follows:


Result of Semi Final Round, OSPHE session

According to the result, The 4 teams that can proceed to the next round are USM 2, Taylor’s, SEGi and IMU 1. The competition continued with the Final Round 1, the Kahoot Challenge.


Final Round 1, Kahoot challenge

Kahoot is an interactive application designed specifically for a classroom quiz session. A series of challenging questions were posed to the participants of the 4 teams, as they had to choose one correct answer from 4 answers. For the participants to advance to the final and last round, the final round 1, they have to be the top 2 teams in the Kahoot Challenge.

The result of the final round 1 is as follows:


Result of Final Round 1, Kahoot Challenge

The two teams that were destined to meet in the last round are IMU 1 and USM 2.

The final round 2 started soon after the result of final round 1 was released. Final Round 2 is the last and final round of the 2nd NCPC 2016. In the final round 2, the finalists need to study a case and present it in front of the judge and the audience. The participants were quarantined as a moment for preparation before the presentation. The first presentation came from team IMU 1 and followed by USM 2.


Presentation by team IMU 1


Presentation by team USM 2

The result of the final round 2 and this year NCPC final result is as follows:

Champion – USM


1st runner up – IMU

2nd runner up – Taylor’s



Congratulations to all winners. Please anticipate and join the next year NCPC.


Special thanks to all of the organizing committees from PMFFar, UKM for successfully organizing the national event





Let us all meet again in the next NCPC 2017