3rd NCPC 2017


[3rd MyPSA National Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (NCPC) 2017]

On 7th to 9th APRIL 2017, organizing committees of CUCMS Pharmacy Student Society (CUPSS) Pharmacy from Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) had organized the 3rd NCPC 2017 at their campus. The theme of this year’s NCPC is ‘Making Excellence a Passion‘. This is the third time NCPC organized under the umbrella of MyPSA.

NCPC is one of the national academic programs among pharmacy students in Malaysia. This program is unique that it upholds the concept of clinical and delivers an opportunity for participants to practice good patient counselling. This program also provides a platform for pharmacy students from both public and private institutions to meet, interact and establish a good networking among them. In short, NCPC is able to strengthen the relationship and create a healthy competition among all pharmacy students.

The tentative of the event is as follows:

day 1 day 2

day 3

NCPC is started with preliminary round, which consists of two sessions that are the one best answer (OBA) written exam (40%) and OSCE session – community settings (60%). 8 teams from a total of 19 teams registered will proceed to the quarter final round.

quarter final

The teams that proceed to the quarter finals competed in a structured answer quiz. The 8 teams were divided into 2 groups with 4 teams each. From these two groups, two teams will be selected to go forward to the semi final round. The four teams that have successfully advanced to the semifinal round are as follows:

semi final

The semi final round was conducted on the next day, featuring counselling sessions (hospital settings). A live video is recorded and the link is as follows:

Taylor’s – Station 1

CUCMS Team A – Station 2

IMU Team A – Station 3

IMU Team B -Station 4

In the end, only two teams were able to proceed to the next round – FINAL ROUND.

In the final round, the destined teams that will compete against each other are:


final round

The final round was in a format of a clinical case presentation. Both teams need to present a case with the same topic in front of experienced judges. In the end, only one team will bring back the trophy of victory.

Therefore, MyPSA would like to congratulate team IMU A for being the champion of the 3rd MyPSA NCPC 2017. The rank of the teams are as follows:

Champion - IMU A
Champion – IMU A
1st Runner Up - Taylors A
1st Runner Up – Taylors 

2nd Runner Up - IMU B
2nd Runner Up – IMU B
4th Place - CUCMS A
4th Place – CUCMS A

NCPC 2017 had finally closed its curtain at 2 p.m. on 9th April, which is the last day of the competition. MyPSA also would like to express our greatest gratitude to the organizing committee from CUPSS for their effort and hospitality during the whole event.

 thank you