3rd NPDC 2016


National Pharmacy Debate Competition (NPDC) is an annual tournament which is involved by the pharmacy students in Malaysia from different universities. It will be conducted by different universities as the host every year. For this year, this 3rd tournament is held at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences and conducted by CUCMS Pharmacy Student Society (CUPSS) from 5th  until 6th November 2016. The scopes and themes of motions were released one month earlier and the style employed by NPDC is Asian Parliamentary (AP) debate style. 11 universities out of 21 accepted the challenge and their selected ‘Gladiators of the Intellect’ were send to the battlefield  to win this competition.


The list of universities that joined this competition are:

  1. Natonal University of Malaysia (UKM) – Team A and B
  2. University of Malaya (UM)
  3. International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
  4. University of Science, Malaysia (USM)
  5. Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) – Team A and B
  6. UniKL Royal College of Medicine Perak (RCMP)
  7. SEGi University Kota Damansara
  8. Lincoln University College (LUC)
  9. AIMST University
  10. MARA University of Technology (UiTM) – Team A and B

The tentative of this tournament is stated below:

Day 1

Friday (4 November 2016)

1500 Registration

1900 Maghrib prayer & Dinner

2000 Ice-breaking session for participants

2030 Briefing session for participants

2200 Dismiss

Day 2

Saturday (5 November 2016)

0700 Registration

0730 Breakfast

0800 Opening Ceremony

1000 Preliminary Round 1

1130 Rest

1200 Preliminary Round 2

1330 Lunch & Zuhur prayer

1430 Preliminary Round 3

1600 Free & Easy

1830 Depart to Gala Night venue *from accommodation*

2000 Gala Night & Dinner

2230 Dismiss NPDC 2016

Day 3

Sunday (6 November 2016)

0700 Registration

0730 Breakfast

0800 Announcement result of Preliminary Rounds

0830 Semi Final

1030 Break & refreshment

1100 Grand Final

1300 Closing Ceremony & Video Presentation

Photography session

1430 Lunch & Dismiss

These are the results for the competition:

Preliminary 1
Preliminary 2


The teams that managed to go to semi final
The teams that managed to go to semi final
Teams that managed to go to final
Teams that managed to go to final


Finally in the end, the champion of the battle goes to UKM team B and the 1st Runner up goes to CUCMS team A. Not to forget, the best debater is awarded to Vrosha Rau A/P Raja Rao from CUCMS (Team A). Congratulations to the winning GLADIATORS OF THE INTELLECT. Good job to the organizing team for the great effort conducting this annual tournament.

Champion of NPDC 2016 – UKM team B


1st Runner Up – CUCMS (team A)


The best debater of NPDC 2016 , Vrosha Rau A/P Raja Rao