2nd NPDC 2015


National Pharmacy Debate Competition or NPDC is a national debate competition which is done annually. NPDC has been and will be the awaited, prestigious stage for pharmacy debaters to show off their talent in speeches. NPDC had serve a suitable platform for the participants to let loose and let their fiery, burning tongue run wild. After a very tiring day of travelling a long distance to IIUM Kuantan, the participants was registered and was ushered to their own hostel. The next day, the debaters were awakened from their slumber to attend the NPDC Opening Ceremony before the debate actually started.  As the NPDC launched by Mr Aziz, President of MPS Pahang. The debating sessions are started with 3 preliminary rounds. While 2 of the preliminary rounds were informed with the winners, the the result of last round was kept hidden from the participants’ knowledge. Every night of the program is special but that specific night was  made more special than usual. The night, that the organizer called as The Gala Night, was the most special night for all the participants as well for the organizer. The theme for that night was ‘Oscar Night Bling! Bling!’  That night, the participants were feasted with the most appetizing delicacies and mouth watering deserts. The night was ended with the participants being photographed in their best clothes. The debaters were also shocked with the result of the 3 preliminary round as the contenders that will advanced to the semi-final were announced that night.

The next day, the Debaters especially those who had won into the semi final, arose from their slumber with a determined look in their eyes. The semi final started immediately after the debaters had enjoyed their breakfast. 4 contenders advanced to the semi final that are IIUM, SEGi University, IMU, and UKM II. As team UKM II was debating with team IMU,  team IIUM and team SEGi were also debating  in their separate rooms. At last, in the end, fate has destined team UKM II and team SEGi to meet on the grandest stage to  determine which team is more superior in debating. After a fierce debate battle between the two contenders, UKM II had been declared as the winner of the final debate session and with that also became the winner of the 2nd National Pharmacy Debate Competition.



MyPSA would like to express our utmost gratitude to the committees from International Islamic University Malaysia for the efforts and time for conducting this event.