9th NPSC 2016



On 22nd to 24th January 2016, the 9th National Pharmacy Sports Carnival was held at University Malaya (UM). The pharmacy students had been given the role to organize this big annual national event and the event had progress smoothly and successfully within the three days and 2 nights period.

On 22nd January, the event started with the arrival of the students to the beautiful UM campus. The students were accommodated at 3 different hostels or ‘kolej kediaman’. As the registration of the students ended, the students needed to gather at the MSN sports complex, Setiawangsa where the opening ceremony will be conducted. After a brief rest, the opening ceremony started at 3pm. As the VIP climbed up the stage, the parade started. Every universities marched in front of the stage one by one while waving their flags up high.

Unexpected rain came whooshing down from the black clouds. Yet, the rain did not extinguish the burning spirit of each of the players. The track and field event was done afterwards when the sun had come again to show herself. The track and field event had finally been accomplished at 7 pm that day.

Track and field categories

  • 100 m (male and female)
  • 400 m (male and female)
  • 4×100 m (male and female)
  • 4×400 m (male and female)

12552537_10207647393414900_348844707583425291_nFigure 1: Athletics


The next day, the players are gathered in front of the swimming pool area for an aerobic session and the distribution of breakfast. After a satisfying breakfast and a refreshing aerobic dancing and stretching, the players are escorted to the respective places for the modern games that the players were participating. Anticipation can be clearly seen in each of the player faces as they left the area.  All of the modern games are conducted at the same time. 9 modern games were battled at different places inside the UM campus. These games were basketball, badminton, futsal, netball, ping pong, squash, swimming, tennis and volleyball.


Figure 2: Modern Game – Volleyball


Figure 3: Modern Game – Badminton


Figure 4: Modern Game: Basketball

The third day, unlike other days, the participant woke up from their sleep with a new aim that was to have fun and relax. The third day was started with a breakfast prepared by the organizing committees. The awaited traditional games was started right after. The first traditional sport was the ‘Angry Bird’. It is a game in which a group of participants need to cooperate to pass a balloon from one end to another end using only a piece of cloth. The game that came up next was the ‘Lari dalam Guni’. This game is a simple game in which a participant need to run as fast as they could in a sack to a designated end point. Lastly, the most awaited game was the ‘Tarik Tali’ or Tug of War. This famous game requires two groups of people pulling at each end of a rope. The winner is determined when one of the group is able to pull the rope along with the adversary group for a specific distance.


Figure 5: Lari dalam Guni


Figure 6: Tug of War

After a fun and exciting time playing the traditional games, the athletes were escorted to the Dewan Tunku Canselor for the final event, the Closing Ceremony. The athletes were shocked by the majestic hall prepared by the organizing committees with all of the seats were neatly arranged for each and everyone of the participants. Yet, the athletes only feasted their eyes on one thing only that was the grand stage in which they will claim their victory in that hall of fame. As the VIPs came walking along the nicely prepared red carpet, the closing ceremony of NPSC 2016 was started. The VIPs for the closing ceremony were Mr. Chin Kean Chon, the Director of 9th NPSC 2016, Mr. Issac A/L Danker, President of MyPSA, Datin Mariani binti Ahmad Nizaruddin, the National Advisor of MyPSA, Prof. Madya Datin Dr Zoriah Aziz, Head of Department of Pharmacy University Malaya and Prof Dato’ Dr. Mohd Amin bin Jalaluddin, Vice Chancellor of Univeristy Malaya. All of the souls that were present in the hall showed respect while their legs spontaneously force them to stand up straight when the Malaysian National Anthem and the University Malaya Official Song echoed through their ears.  The ceremony continued with the speeches from each of the VIPs.


Figure 7: VIPs of the Closing Ceremony

The next and last event was the most anticipated event by the participants that was the prize giving ceremony. The result of each of the games are provided in the link below:

Modern and Traditional Games Results

The boredom of the audience of the hall was relieved by awesome performances performed by the organizing committees. 3 different performances were made that evening, which were a singing performance, a traditional themed dance (asmaradana) and a modern themed dance.


Figure 8: Asmaradana 1


Figure 9: Asmaradana 2

At the end of the prize winning ceremony, it was finally the time for the overall champion to be announced.

The overall champion for the 9th National Pharmacy Sports Carnival 2016 is

Univeristi sains Malaysia (USM)


Congratulations to USM!

The picture below shows the standings for all of the universities that had participate in this year NPSC

University Result

Figure 10: Universities Standings

The closing ceremony was ended with a photography session and an appetizing lunch.


Figure 11: Photograph of all NPSC 2016 participants

Lastly, an utmost gratitude is expressed to the dear organizing committees for making this wondrous national event a reality. Thank you very much.